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22-24th July 2022

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Extraordinary Benefits

for people that want to “have, be or do” more in life


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To learn more about our club and what we do, watch this informative video that explains the benefits of Membership. For more information, speak to the person who invited you to watch this video.


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learn About our extraordinary club

This club is for

people who want more out of life, have aspirations, goals and dreams.

GIN has redefined collaborative community. We are the leading successful living membership club of cause, and purpose-driven people who understand that the power of community creates opportunity, energy and purpose. Our promise is to inspire, uplift and serve, while equipping our members with the entrepreneurial mindset and practical tools needed to live successful lives, as each defines success. Through online and in-person education and training, impactful events, business networking opportunities, experiential travel, courses and workshops, publications, mentoring and more, our members manifest their fullest personal, professional and philanthropic selves.


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Improve Your Life and Health

GIN offers a 12 level mastery course. This is a twenty eight hour online course that literally gives you the keys to success and getting what you want out of life. As a GIN Member you will have access to Webinars from the world’s premier speakers, teachers and trainers, on dozens of different topics. You will have access to the GIN Online Library with over one thousand hours of teaching and training from our world renowned Faculty Members.



speak louder and better than any marketing guru

Veronica Salinas - Portuguese and French

Kim White

Tarjei Theo Flove

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