Congratulations on registering for this upcoming GIN Virtual Chapter Meeting!

GIN and the Sanctioned Speakers who will lead the meetings are excited to be participating in this new format of our local chapter meetings. To prepare for the upcoming event, we suggest that you review the material below, to prepare you to participate in the event and to offer you an opportunity to present training information at the following virtual chapter meeting.

1. What is a chapter meeting?

A Chapter Meeting is a GIN business meeting that, in a light interactive way, touches each aspect of the GIN system while uplifting members as we learn new information. The agenda includes short presentations on books, audios/videos, events, relationships, and giving and receiving recognition. Member volunteers present information from the trainings that they find of interest, we recognize new members, member accomplishments, and we look to the future with information about upcoming events. Our virtual chapter meetings will replicate the physical local chapter meeting processes, with the technologies available to us.

2. Dress code

A GIN chapter meeting is a business meeting; business attire is required. For those who have them, wear their achievement pins!

3. Chat room and Voice

The formal part of a local chapter meeting, whether in person or in the virtual world, consists of an agenda of topics intended to educate and inform all participants of aspects of the GIN trainings and experience; little time is available during the meeting for chatting among members.

At in-person Local Chapter Meetings, members gather a little ahead of the formal meeting to chat, catch up, and engage in light social conversation. Similar discussions take place at the end of those meetings. For the Virtual Chapter Meetings there will be a 15 minute “open mike” and chat period both before and after the formal Virtual Chapter Meeting, replicating to the extent possible the informal conversations around the formal meeting. Plan on joining the zoom up to event ahea15 minutes ahead of the scheduled meeting time to participate in the pre-meeting social and/or stay 15 minutes after the VCM for more

4. VCM ground rules

  • Use of chat A key objective is to cover all the agenda topics within the 90-minute timeframe for the
    Chapter Meeting, and the meeting is packed with training and recognitions! While most of the times set for the agenda topics will be used by the presenter, when there is remaining time, the VCM leader may invite chat comments or questions relevant to the agenda item.
  • The VCM leader will place everyone on mute at the beginning of the VCM. Agenda topic speakers will be unmuted for their presentation period. As with the chat guidance, if time allows within a topic period, the leader may invite and unmute one or two participants to contribute to the topic in question. All mikes will be unmuted for agenda topics that are in the recognition category, for us to give recognition as GIN members do and for the recipient to take it all in!.
  • Participants should keep their video operating for the entire session, except for brief periods to manage in-home interruptions. The VCMs are, in effect, replications of on-site chapter meetings in a virtual space: everyone sees everyone.

5. Consider volunteering to present an agenda topic at the next chapter meeting run by this VCM leader. The VCM leader will invite volunteers near the end of the meeting. Topics include (2-3 Minutes each)

  • Vocabulary Word of the Day
  • Book Review (book or chapter)
  • Level 1 Test Question
  • Weekly Training
  • Etiquette Lesson
  • Introduction to Themselves
  • Quote of the Day